株式会社 久松機工・会社概要

We use machining centers and composite lathes in order to respond to a wide range of requests, such as large-scale workpieces like semiconductors and FPDs (Flat Panel Displays) to smaller things and various prototypes.

We also provide stable, high-quality and high-precision products, so that we can quickly respond to customers’ requests to the best of our ability.

We hope that many companies all over the world will get to know us and create a good relationship with us through connections like our website.


Since starting in 1978, Hisamatsu Kiko (Hisamatsu Machine Industry Co., Ltd.) has been working on manufacturing products with a spirit of “Quality First”.

We respond to customers’ requests ranging from the large-scale components such as semiconductors and FPDs to smaller things and various prototypes, and supply our products with quickness and accuracy.

We pursue to be a company that every employee continues to challenge and makes an effort to recognize the importance of technological advancement in machine work.

We sincerely appreciate your continual support for our business activities.


We pursue to earn customers’ trust through recognizing happiness of our employees and their families as we contribute to a broader community.


– For the health of our business, we work hard and sincere each and every day, appreciate everything that comes our way, and manufacture products with a “Quality First” attitude. We hope this creates the best possible relationship with our customers.

– We pursue to be a company that continually recognizes the importance of technological advancement in machine work.

– Under the stressful environment of strong competition and customer preference that influences a custom order company like us, we differentiate our products from competition by use of high-precision machinery and high-quality products.

– ”It can’t be done without Hisamatsu Kiko” and “I can always rely on ordering Hisamatsu Kiko” are what we strive for as a company.


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